Sunshine daydreams


Now, wearied by the whiskey and contemptuous of the cigarettes I am periled of pubs, daunted by the dark.
I suspire for sunshine and desire the daydreams.
I crave charming chivalry and courting on carnival rides.
I fancy feelings in the great big wide open, free.
I beseech for bubblegum beauty and bright colored balloons to join me up in the marshmallow clouds with butterflies fluttering.
I want to eat my heart out on Strawberry milkshakes with two straws to share.
Picnic pleasures and passions, pure.
Guileless gravitation and enthralling enchantment.
Youthful yearning, innocent inclinations.
Candied kisses and sugared seduction.
Frolicking in fairytale.


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