Sweetness in the strange.


Life is so wonderfully weird.

So sweetly strange and ceaselessly changing.

Lately, my life has made an about-face.

Change seems to be in cahoots with the constants and all I once held has hit the road.

Rather than become dissident in all the distortions I stand in “awe” of all this awesome ambiguity.

I marvel at the mutation, the metamorphosis.

Entwined in life’s evolutions I am without any expectation.


Life has changed before.

Once upon a time however I rode on the coattails of others to get me through my trials.

I’ve dumped the damsel in distress and am determined to design my dream my own.

No longer dependent I am inspired by my own independence.

Once hell bound on having help I am now stubborn in my sovereignty.

Masking the mundane I will milk the miracles

I am turning my can not’s into can do’s, doubts into dreams, the lost into lessons and the failed into freedoms.

Traveling light in whimsical wonder I wait for whistles, winks or waves to guide me wherever which way I am willed.


So done with the so-so I shun the notion of settling.

Slow and steady I stand strong in seducing only the surefire.

Satisfied by this supreme solidarity I am daring to dream.



Blessed not begotten

This clean canvas, the blank space, this vacant vagary, I stand ready to rebel against reverie to paint in presence with precise passions.

Passing on playing and pressing permanence

Enjoying the evanescence, ever after.


How wonderfully weird and whimsy this life is..

Its beauty often found in the breakdowns and delicious dualities.


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