Paint the world with your passion


It took me thirty some odd years to know this.
Just recently, I grew to love it.
Those that don’t appreciate and adore your energy.. Are simply just not meant to be in your beautiful, radiant, vibrant world. Let them go.
Never ever ever water down your energy. Never conceal it. Never ever.
Be you in the rawest and most purest form always, every single minute of every single day.
Sing it. Shout it. Vibrate it out voluminously into the world around you.
Fall in love with yourself.
Burst at the seams with passion.
Passion is so important. Whatever yours is.. Spill it all over the damn place.
Feel. Speak. Love. Spill it all, all over everything and everyone.
This will attract those whose energies fuel your own.
This will attract the people and the moments that make this life so utterly divine.
Leave your mark on the world in permanent marker, not washable water colors.
Be you. Love you.
Because you, yes you, are fucking magnificent and incredibly beautiful.

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